North Florida Inventors and Innovators Group
Welcome to North Florida Inventors and Innovators Group. We are Local Innovators who meet monthly to learn from others on how to better innovate and invent.  People join us from all kinds of different industries and from all over North Florida. Many in our group are folks who hold patents, are in the process of patents, or are interested in learning how to proceed on a patent. Many are folks who are interested in how to pursue that idea that they've had for years but aren't sure what steps to take next. We invite all people with similar interests to join us in our pursuit of connections, concepts, and friendships. Feel free to join us and invite your friends. We normally meet the last Wednesday of the month. We will sometimes tour local businesses that relate to innovation and we often host relevant speakers. If you have ever had any interest at all in pursuing a patent or a concept, feel free to come join us. You may make a new friend...likely one who thinks outside the box like you do.

Where North Florida's Inventors and Innovators Come together.

 I amazed at how much interest NFIIG has had over the past years. It is interesting and exciting to watch the things Inventors and Innovators in North Florida are doing. It is refreshing to see the determination of people who have an idea and pursue it with tenacity. It is impressive to me the success folks have been achieving in the marketplace. It is always exciting to meet someone who is actually "Doing it". They are inspirational and I enjoy watching them get their product from concept to market. North Florida is a great area in which to be an Inventor. 

 Thank you to Mark Shaw and the folks at ULTRATECH for our meeting in October. It was very informative and we had almost 40 folks in attendance. We appreciate all the hospitality shown our group. 

The next meeting of the North Florida Inventors/Innovators Group will be in January. Yes....January!!!! I know that a lot of folks would like to meet, however, we will not be meeting in November or December. Past years have shown that attendance wanes substantially during the months of November and December as everyone is in the middle of planning for and around the Holidays. We will meet in January and our speaker will be a local Patent Attorney speaking about patent defense and similar issues. 

Thank you to everyone who continues to talk to and encourage others to attend our group

Feel free to send interested folks to If they sign up in the contact area, I will add them to the list of updates.

Cheers on Inventing/Innovating.

Bob Hawkinson

When you look into your future, What do you see? Will it be you pursuing your goals, concepts, and dreams, or will it be you saying Gosh I thought of that idea 10 years ago but never pursued it?
If Not Now, When?......
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